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It’s Finally Fall Y’all

Rowan County embraces the fall like the arrival of a long-lost friend! It’s the official kick off to the holiday season.

Graff Park Paint Jam Raises Money & Downtown Vibrancy

A once vacant piece of land in downtown Salisbury is now filled with color and life thanks to the art of graffiti.

Public Art: Honoring RoCo’s Past, Present, and Future

Salisbury’s Public Art Committee has illuminated not only the importance of history to the people of Rowan County, but the ways that history is beginning to inform and inspire the art community as a whole.

It’s Finally Fall Y’all

Rowan County embraces the fall like the arrival of a long-lost friend! It’s the official kick off to the holiday season.

Tiger World: An Educational Attraction

Tiger World is a nonprofit animal conversation and educational center dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals.

Unwind in Rowan County on a Staycation

Why get in the car and drive for hours to enjoy a vacation when there are several ways to enjoy a relaxing weekend without ever leaving Rowan County?

Stay in a Treehouse in Southern Rowan County

Cherry Treesort is one of Rowan County’s most unique lodging accommodations.

More Than A Shelter – Rowan Helping Ministries

The reason Rowan Helping Ministries is able to provide for the needs of those in our community is because of the love and support from the local residents.

iPads, MacBooks, and Resources, Oh My!!!

As you can see, technology is allowing the public-school students in Rowan County the opportunity to really show mastery of learning.

First Dual-Language School in Rowan County

Isenberg’s staff and administration are proud to be the first dual-language school in Rowan County.

Lush & Vibrant Hurley Park

Hurley Park is an 18-acre public park composed of woodlands, gardens, quiet pathways, and a pond.

Rubber Ducks Aren’t Just Toys in Rowan County

This was the tenth year that one of the most exciting, fun, and unconventional competitions was held in Rowan County.

Senior Resources in Rowan County

Resources in Rowan County for Senior Citizens emphasize year-round health and physical exercise programs.

2019 Summer Highlights on High Rock Lake

Labor Day has come and gone, but don’t fret! There is still plenty of time to enjoy High Rock Lake this summer!

Buying a Home on High Rock Lake

It’s all about value and offering a good price point for those that want to secure a peaceful, country-style setting on High Rock Lake.

Sail Away on High Rock Lake

Sailing on High Rock Lake is technical, romantic, and relaxing.

A Tale of a New City – Kannapolis, NC

“We’re trying to build community, not bricks and mortar,” Hinnant adds. “Places for people to live, work, worship, and play. And we are shovel ready.”

Town of Cleveland Poised for Growth

Cleveland is poised for what I call ‘intentional growth’. The 21-cent tax rate is the lowest in Rowan; there is easy access to Interstates 77, 40, and 85; and 3.5 million people live within a 50-mile radius.

Not Just Trains Anymore!

From the NC Transportation Museum, to an amazing nature preserve, to shopping galore, and plenty of places to eat a wonderful meal, Spencer has something to offer everyone.


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