Month: October 2020

A Shift to Downtown Living

There’s no denying that this newly found focus of improving the downtown apartments and condos has increased over the past few years. This creates an amazing opportunity for people to make the shift to living downtown and truly experiencing Salisbury at its best. But what has caused this shift, and why should you even consider the idea of moving to an apartment downtown?

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Cruise-Ins from the Past into The Future

Have you been driving around recently on a Friday or Saturday late in the afternoon and noticed all the neat cars around Downtown Salisbury? Well look no further because you have entered into the cruise zone! Created as a way to get out of the house during the summer months of the pandemic, the cruise-in is a fun blast from the past that everyone can enjoy!

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Operation Renovation: Destiny Stone’s Mission

Destiny Stone, Catawba College graduate and now educator, has a goal to provide our community with music education resources and performance opportunities to local independent artists and musicians. To do this, Stone has created The Music House and is in the process of renovating the property and raising funds to do so.

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Keep On Moving

An area of our lives that has been most affected during this unprecedented time is our education system. No one could imagine that education would have to pivot so swiftly for many to continue to have the wonderful opportunity of learning. Rowan Salisbury School System had a decision to make while considering students, teachers, families, and how to continue moving forward in education.

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