Month: October 2021

Artisanal Water Buffalo Cheeses and Meats in Rowan County… Absolutely!

Imagine if you will a nice quiet night at home, perhaps sipping a glass of wine and scrolling the channels when you fall onto “Carolina Weekends” and decide to watch this show to see what’s going on in North Carolina. Then low and behold they begin talking about something in Rowan County.  This something was new to me and I definitely decided it is worth looking into further.  That something is Fading D Farm in Salisbury and little did I know how much I was going to learn and enjoy.

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An Absolute Gem: Eagle Point Nature

Driving down the somewhat hidden, rocky entrance, I could hear nothing that connected me to society. My hike began on a cool afternoon. I could smell the damp earth, and feel a cool breeze from the shaking fall leaves. Large pines are visible in all directions. Critters prepare for cooler weather and gather materials for their homes. Visiting the Eagle Point Nature Preserve here in Rowan County opens your eyes to the great outdoors.

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Advocacy For High Rock Lake

We have a man-made lake in our county. We are lucky. However, our natural resource does need help from all of us. From those that live on the lake, the thousands who participate in fishing tournaments and the many who visit HRL for recreational purposes. Let’s review the consistent work that is being done on our collective behalf. Advocacy at its best.
Advocacy comes in many forms, small non-profit as HRLCleanSweep, state and local government of course, deliberate actions of membership organizations as High Rock Lake Association, and our educators.

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Eating Healthy for One

Whether choosing to live single, or adjusting to a change in life such as divorce or death of a spouse, shopping, cooking, and eating for one poses a unique set of challenges. There are many who have successfully navigated these issues and some who are still on that journey. Talking with some of these folks gave some real insights into “tips and tricks” that many could find helpful. I spoke with Claudia Daves, a widow since 1997; Dr. Ozzie Reynolds, a widower since 2019 and Kristen Trexler, a young single. They all had great strategies!

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