A Musical Triumph in Salisbury: Symphony’s Piano Trio Concert Featuring Local Stars

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Arts

The Salisbury Symphony is gearing up for an extraordinary musical event that promises to captivate the city’s orchestral music enthusiasts. Set for 3:00 PM on February 25th at The Hotel, Livingstone’s Culinary School, the Symphony’s Serenade Series Concert will showcase a Piano Trio performance featuring some of Salisbury’s most talented musicians.

Highlighting the event are pianist Lawrence Quinnett and cellist Sharon Wilkins, both esteemed local figures in the Salisbury music scene, alongside the Symphony’s acclaimed Concertmaster, violinist Daniel Skidmore. This trio of musicians is set to create an afternoon of unparalleled musical artistry.

Quinnett, a well-known concert pianist and faculty member at Livingstone College, brings a wealth of experience and a touch of local celebrity to the performance. His skill at the keyboard is expected to bring to life the complex emotions and stirring found in Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Piano Trio.

Sharon Wilkins, a Salisbury native, is not just a celebrated cellist but also a dedicated music educator. Her deep connection with the community and her passion for music education make her performance, especially in pieces like Florence Price’s Night, a mustsee event. Her rendition promises to be both technically impressive and emotionally evocative.

Pianist, Lawrence Quinnett

Lawrence Quinnett

Cellist, Sharon Wilkins

Sharon Wilkins

Violinist, Daniel Skidmore

Daniel Skidmore

Rounding out the trio is Daniel Skidmore, a violinist whose performances as Concertmaster have long graced the stages of Salisbury. His expertise and finesse with the violin will be on full display, particularly in the timeless grandeur of Brahms’ first Piano Trio.

The concert, performed in the round, offers a unique and intimate musical experience, allowing the audience to connect with the music and the musicians on a deeper level. This format, rare and engaging, ensures that every note resonates not just in the ears but in the hearts of the audience.

This is your opportunity to be transported through a captivating musical journey and to support the incredible local talent that Rowan County proudly boasts. Whether you’re a music aficionado or new to the idea, this concert is guaranteed to be a spellbinding experience.

Tickets for this not-to-be-missed event are available online and the day of the concert at the following prices: Adults – $15 | Seniors – $13 | 21 and under – $5. More information can be found at www.salisburysymphony.org. Join us for an evening where music speaks for itself and local talent shines on the stage.

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