Author: Janet Ruffin

It’s All About the Children in Rowan County

Spring is in the air in Rowan County which means the kids are going to want to do a lot of fun things. There are parks to visit like Dan Nicholas with their splash pad, museums like The N.C. Transportation Museum with their Easter Egg Hunt coming up, Tiger World has lots of cool animals to see, and Patterson Farms always has tours and fresh fruits and vegetables galore.

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Getting To Know You…Rowan County Spotlights

Here in Rowan County, we have quite an interesting group of people. I love chatting with individuals and scratching just a little bit below the surface. I am so lucky to have so many I call friends, so I reached out to several of them to find some things about Rowan that they enjoy and maybe you might share some of their likes as well.

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The Polar Express: A Look from the Inside

I have picked up yet another couple of hats… a chef’s hat and a steward’s hat by being part of this year’s Polar Express currently going on at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the many behind the scenes activities as I can without spoiling the “magic” that the show is for us all.

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