Author: Janet Ruffin

The Polar Express: A Look from the Inside

I have picked up yet another couple of hats… a chef’s hat and a steward’s hat by being part of this year’s Polar Express currently going on at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the many behind the scenes activities as I can without spoiling the “magic” that the show is for us all.

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Artisanal Water Buffalo Cheeses and Meats in Rowan County… Absolutely!

Imagine if you will a nice quiet night at home, perhaps sipping a glass of wine and scrolling the channels when you fall onto “Carolina Weekends” and decide to watch this show to see what’s going on in North Carolina. Then low and behold they begin talking about something in Rowan County.  This something was new to me and I definitely decided it is worth looking into further.  That something is Fading D Farm in Salisbury and little did I know how much I was going to learn and enjoy.

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Tale of a Barn Quilt Trail in Cleveland, North Carolina

An estimated 1.5-mile Barn Quilt Walking Trail is coming soon for everyone to enjoy! “It’s important to be healthy, and Cleveland is a safe place without a lot of traffic” Elise told me. But readers… this isn’t an ordinary walking trail. The proposal is to have ten, six-sided barn quilt cubes which means a lot of barn quilt painting for a total of 60 unique signs. The barn quilt cubes will be the markers along the trail. Per Elsie, “take a walk… it doesn’t cost anything”!

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