Author: Alyssa Smith

Sharing the Love through Food

What a better way to share love than through food? In the Rowan County community, several people have gotten together to make sure others have the fresh produce they need to maintain and healthy life. Check out some of our organizations and wonderful people in our community!

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Kicking Off the New Year with Good News

Of course you want hear more about the great programs, events, and initiatives that make Rowan County a healthier place to live in! We’re diving into the NAPSACC and learning what it does for the youth and the overall health of the county.

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Above and Beyond at Catawba College

As you reflect on the past year ahead, kick off the new year with a little something from Catawba College’s White Coat Ceremony. Share in the joy from the investment Catawba College is making through their nursing program. Not only to better the school, but to better Rowan County and the community as a whole.

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