Author: Dari Caldwell

Care In The Home

…someone reliable to help with bathing, getting someone up and out of bed, or feeding and sitting with a loved one while the family member is away. These are tasks that can be carried out by an in-home aid or a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN). But finding such a person to help is often challenging.

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PORT – A Program Making a Difference in Rowan County

While in a perfect world it would be great to prevent substance use disorders from ever developing, once they have developed, figuring out how and when to effectively intervene is quite a challenge. Preventing death is the goal. With each preventable death comes an opportunity for that person to recover and turn their life around. And that is the focus of PORT.

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Let’s Move!!!

Let’s Move!!! When Courtney Meece came on board as the Executive Director of Healthy Rowan, a major concern of the Executive Board was how sedentary people had become during the COVID 19 pandemic. The idea of a program to...

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How You Can Be in Control of COVID and Flu

How do we keep from getting flu and/or COVID?
The same principles apply to both flu and COVID, and that is to begin by being as healthy as possible so that your immune system can help you. Maintaining an appropriate body weight, eating healthy foods, and staying physically active are critical to your body performing the way it is built to perform.

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Are You Already Sick of Winter?

If you experience seasonal affective disorder, you’re not alone — it affects around 1 in 20 adults in the United States and many of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are similar to other forms of depression. The difference is that SAD symptoms always begin at a certain time of year and go away when the seasons change again.

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