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About two months ago, I interviewed a young woman who has overcome obstacles in order to license her in-home spa salon. Her name is Miriam Edwards. I met her about 4 years ago when I first opened Sabrina Bougie Styles on South Main Street. She had a child at Price Head Start child care center. She was told to meet me at the time because of her goals and aspirations to have a hair salon and spa. When I first met her I was super impressed with her drive and passion to see her goal through, so I asked her to be my guest at a Rowan Chambers After-hours meeting. That fueled her passion even more and she began to work on her goals even more! Fast forward a few years, she stayed in contact with me and every so often would visit and tell me where she was in her journey. When I approached her to tell her story about a year ago, she said “Not just yet, I want everything to be completed and right”. Well, that moment has arrived and I’m excited to share how our interview went!

The name of her business is Bosses Hair and More hair, a natural hair salon, and spa in Salisbury, NC. She chose the name because one she is a Bss diva and something that her mother would always say is more hair? So she put the two together. Her journey to business ownership started in 2013 when she began to go to school for hair care and skincare. During that time she also tried out different vendors for hair extensions as well as skin and hair products. She is license in natural hair care and she also attended Aveeda and has her certification as an Esthetician. She does only natural hairstyles and protective styles. She had a line of hair extensions and lashes. She has developed her own conditioner and Shampoo for natural hair. She is really proud to have her own line of skincare products as well which she has developed using her education and experience in the industry. She not only does hair and skincare but she also provides a yoni steam service which helps a woman to stay clean and fresh.

The reason she is so proud is that she started this journey as a single mother. Getting her child to child care and then focusing on getting through the training and school for herself wasn’t easy. She worked two jobs as well to start getting her products and her equipment in order to have a very beautiful in-home Salon. The journey had plenty of trials and tribulations. Even to the point of getting her salon up-fitted to state code and passing inspections. She has a grade A, 100. When I asked her what she was most proud of Miriam stated, “I’m proud of myself for being a strong African American woman who didn’t give up on her dream”. I asked if she would recommend someone to start a small business in Rowan County, her immediate response was, “Yes!” Growing up she says she witness African American kids being picked on because of their hair and texture, so she was inspired to focus on natural hair to help generations of men and women see the beauty in their hair which comes from proper care and maintenance.

I asked her how Covid had affected her business and she stated it delayed her grand opening celebrations and when she was able to start taking clients. In February 2022 she plans to have a product launch party and celebration. Currently, she is able to see clients though by appointment only. I asked where does she see herself 3 years from now and she stated a storefront with a warehouse. She has some amazing plans for her business and because I see how tenacious she has been in executing her vision, I have no doubt that she will continue to move forward with her goals. To See her services and to book her go to Facebook.com/Diamondedwards.

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