Gem Theatre’s Next Phase of Renovations Announced

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Attractions, Business Community

For over 75 years the Gem Theatre has been the star of downtown Kannapolis. From movie premieres to special dates, from engagement proposals to wedding ceremonies the Gem Theatre has been an iconic structure and place of history for the City and its residents.

In 2015 the City of Kannapolis acquired the theatre building and began the process of refurbishing the marquee, and essential elements such as the roof, heating and air conditioning and restrooms.

Now, it’s time to give the interior of the theatre a facelift. The seats, projector, screen, curtains, and historic plaster motifs need repair and/or replacement.

This Saturday, December 30, the Gem will close for the renovations, following the 7 p.m. movie showing. The renovations will begin immediately and are expected to be completed within five months.

“We are ready to begin this phase of the renovations. The replacement of the seats, the projectors, and screen will make the greatest impact on our movie customers. We are working diligently to preserve the history of the structure while ensuring that today’s customers enjoy the experience of watching a first run movie in an inviting atmosphere,” said Gary Mills, Director of Parks and Recreation.

In October the City announced a fundraising campaign to help defray the costs of the renovations and to give Gem Theatre fans a chance to show their support of the theatre. This phase of renovations is expected to cost approximately $1.2 million.

The fundraising campaign includes sponsoring a new seat, purchasing one of the vintage seats or purchasing a marquee brick. “We are very pleased that the fundraising campaign is going very well. We have sold all the available vintage seats and the sponsorships of marquee bricks and new seats are well underway,” Mills also stated. “We know that the Gem Theatre is very special and look forward to unveiling the renovated theatre this Spring.”

Sponsoring a new seat is $275 and sponsoring a brick is $125. Corporate sponsorship packages of $500-$10,000 are also available.

The bricks will be installed in the sidewalk in front of the Gem Theatre marquee. As a sponsor of a seat a plaque with your name will be installed on a seat which will be randomly installed in the Gem.

Hurry – only 100 bricks remain and there are only 700 new seats available for sponsorship.

For more information and to participate in the fundraising campaign visit: www.kannapolisnc.gov/thegemtheatre.

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