Education is one of the most valuable assets to have that will impact the future of all who have the opportunity to give it and receive it. It is important for me as member of the educational community, that we are represented by leaders who are passionate about the students, families, teachers, and support staff they serve. The Rowan Salisbury School Board of Education has continued to thrive in this area and because we have a voice as citizens of this wonderful place to live, we have the opportunity to decide who represents us.


Meet The Candidates

Kathy Sanborn is running for Seat 3, the East area. Mrs. Sanborn’s focus is students first and building community partnerships.


Kathy Sanborn is running for Seat 3.


“In the next few years, RSS will face many challenging opportunities…searching for a new superintendent, continuing the renewal process, funding the classroom appropriately, being competitive when recruiting and retaining staff, and building partnerships with the community, all with the focus of providing strong educational opportunities for our children. My knowledge, skills, and experience will be a benefit as RSS navigates through these critical times. I will ask the tough questions and look deeper into the what’s, why’s, and how’s with a focus on meeting the needs of students as we prepare them for their future, whatever the future is for that student. I will put the needs of our students first as we provide an appropriate education as well as safe and healthy environments for all students.”


Brian Hightower is running for the Seat 3, the East Rowan part of the county.

Mr. Hightower takes a stance on empowering teachers, upholding student accountability, using the common-sense approach to education, and revising the approach to athletics.


Brian Hightower is running for Seat 3.


“I am the best candidate because I know the people in this county and what they want, like, and the vision of education. I speak the truth 100 percent of the time and I will be a loud and clear voice for the parents and students of this community. Renewal has some good points such as the calendar and how funds are spent. Test scores do matter whether we like them or not. We have to start producing to bring our scores up and our school system scoring at the top of the state. This will impact the county in a positive way and will help our economy by bringing more businesses into the county.”


Alisha Byrd-Clark is running for Rowan-Salisbury School’s Board of Education, Seat 5 in the Salisbury area. Ms. Clark is taking a stance on being committed to education, students, teachers, and the community.


Alisha Byrd-Clark is running for Rowan-Salisbury School’s Board of Education, Seat 5 in the Salisbury area.


“Our district has been given one of the most unique opportunities in the State of North Carolina which is RENEWAL. I want to reassure them that we will do everything within our power to find some creative measures to bring some normalcy to their lives. Our teachers have put it all on the line to make sure that we provide Extraordinary Education Every Day and why we are a district where Every Day Everyone Discovers and Achieves the Extraordinary and I am very proud to have them as educators in our district. As the founder of Gemstones and COMPASS Leadership Academy, I have been able to provide several resources to the numerous students in our district and throughout our community, which I plan to continue doing even after serving on the Rowan-Salisbury School Board. I decided to seek re-election because there are still numerous goals that our current board still have to accomplish and I want to be part of those accomplished goals. I am eager and willing to continue serving our district, learning as much I can in order to make a difference in the lives of our students, teachers and staff and I am excited about the possible opportunity to do so.”


Jonathan Barbee is also running for Rowan-Salisbury School Board of Education, Seat 5 in the Salisbury area.


Jonathan Barbee is also running for Rowan-Salisbury School Board of Education, Seat 5 in the Salisbury area.

“The future issues for the school district will be hastening the Renewal system, maintaining what we have achieved, and expanding further. Going forward with an open mind on issues that arise is the appropriate mindset for School Board members to envision sustainability, remaining relevant for the district, and making tough calls. I have an informed opinion from many people I have gotten to talk with door-knocking, over lunch, and though I am still young I recall still being a student with the Rowan-Salisbury School System. We have staff to care for and my loyalty is to the students. If Rowan-Salisbury Schools can deliver results, we are steps closer to changing Rowan County for the better.”


Jennifer Studer is running for Rowan Salisbury Schools Board of Education, Seat 7, Southeast area. Ms. Studer’s focus is staff, and a quality education for all students.

Jennifer Studer is running for Rowan Salisbury Schools Board of Education, Seat 7.

“I consider myself a lifelong learner and find true value in the saying, “you learn something new every day.” It is important that we find ways for our school to perform at a higher level of service. I am passionate regarding the advantages of the renewal system, competency-based education, pride in our schools, and promoting support for all staff. I am willing to go the extra mile to build trust, research, engage in real-time discussions with staff, and dedicate my personal time to improving the overall quality of education for students in the Rowan-Salisbury School System.”


Susan Cox will appear on the ballot for Seat 7 but is bowing out of the race.

“I am officially supporting my opponent for seat 7 of the school board. I have had the opportunity to serve for 8 years. I have very much appreciated this opportunity. I feel that now it is time to give the opportunity to Ms. Studer. Please support her with your vote.”


The polls are still open!


You still have time if you have not voted. Early voting continues through October 31, 2020 from 8:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. through Friday and Saturday at 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. The last day to vote is November 3, 2020. Use your voice and vote!