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An Absolute Gem: Eagle Point Nature

Driving down the somewhat hidden, rocky entrance, I could hear nothing that connected me to society. My hike began on a cool afternoon. I could smell the damp earth, and feel a cool breeze from the shaking fall leaves. Large pines are visible in all directions. Critters prepare for cooler weather and gather materials for their homes. Visiting the Eagle Point Nature Preserve here in Rowan County opens your eyes to the great outdoors.

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Citizen Science at Dunn’s Mountain

While visiting county parks, be mindful of your footprint and conscious of your place on the trail.
If you stop by, make sure to visit the faculty and staff. They look forward to visitors and are open
to having friendly conversation with anyone! I always feel comfortable and welcome at Dunn’s
Mountain and it has been one of my favorite destinations to visit in Rowan County.

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Rowan County Farmers Markets

Visiting the farmers markets became an amazing networking opportunity and a way to reconvene with familiar faces I saw before the impact of COVID-19. Rowan County’s farmers markets are open at staggered times throughout the week, which allowed me to visit one almost every other day. I visited the markets Friday, July 30 through Thursday, August 5. Below are the hours of operation between May and September 2021:

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