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High Rock Lake

With 365 miles of shoreline and water surface covering 15,180 acres, High Rock Lake is the second largest lake in North Carolina behind Lake Norman. Serving as a reservoir lake on the Yadkin River, between Rowan and Davidson counties, High Rock Lake produces hydroelectric power for the surrounding communities.

Water control rules set forth by the High Rock Lake Association, the Yadkin River, and the various companies using the lake, help keep water level high and stable during recreational months. Boats, sailboats, jet skis, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are welcomed. Several public accesses and boat launches including Tamarac Marina, High Rock Lake Marina & Campground, Southmont Abbotts Creek, Buddle Creek, and Pebble Beach Access are available.

High Rock Lake is a hidden jewel in a country setting providing a quaint and quiet lake lifestyle. Lake living on High Rock offers excellent boating and fishing opportunities for bass, crappie, striper, bream, and catfish.


Alone Together, Make it a Stay-cation

Itching to go out on High Rock Lake? You can and still maintain social distancing! Here are all the helpful tips for social distancing while boating, activities to do on Earth Day, and updates on the High Rock Lake association. Make your time at home a stay-cation!

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2020 Preview & Fish Guides

You heard the groundhog, spring is coming early this year! Now is the perfect time to plan what kind of activities you’ll be doing in the warmer weather. Start off by joining in on the fun at High Rock Lake!

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Yadkin Riverkeeper

What do you really know about the Yadkin River? Is it High Rock Lake? Is it a part of High Rock Lake? Is High Rock Lake actually a river? See how High Rock Lake transformed itself into the recreational use spot we know it as today.

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High Rock Lakeside Personalities

Here are just a few people that love High Rock Lake. Take a look at how a long-term resident and one who found the area through research and good business sense wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but on a chair looking out at High Rock Lake.

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