Mini Concert Series Brings Joy to Extended Care Facilities

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Arts

The Salisbury Symphony has once again touched hearts, this time through a series of mini concerts performed at various extended care facilities across the county. This initiative, an extension of their successful school concerts program, saw a string trio comprised of Sarah Womack (violin), Carter Bradley (viola), and Gayle Masarie (cello) perform at locations like Piedmont Health & Rehab, TerraBella, and Trinity Oaks, bringing the magic of music to those unable to attend the concert hall.

The tour, which spanned over several days, was more than just a series of performances; it was a manifestation of the Symphony’s belief in the universal power of music. From the lively melodies at Big Elm Retirement to the soothing harmonies at The Laurels, each concert was a testament to music’s ability to connect and enliven.

Hunter Scott Safrit, Executive Director of the Salisbury Symphony, reflected on the importance of this initiative: “Music has the ability to heal, change, and transform all we do and are. Our mini concerts in the schools during the Fall were a wonderful way to reach so many in the first steps of their life. To be able to offer the same form of engagement in the same way to those who have lived rich lives is so rewarding to our musicians, staff, and volunteers. It’s about closing the circle of life with the joy of music.”

Cellist, Sharon Wilkins

Residents and staff at the facilities expressed profound gratitude, with many sharing how the performances brought back memories and created new joyful moments. The trio’s repertoire, carefully chosen to cater to a diverse audience, included classical pieces, popular tunes, and some therapeutic melodies.

The Symphony’s dedication to community involvement was evident as they reached out to those often overlooked. This initiative not only enriched the lives of the residents but also provided a fulfilling experience for the musicians and staff involved.

As the series concluded, the impact of these mini concerts was clear. They were more than just performances; they were a celebration of life at every stage, a testament to the Symphony’s commitment to making music accessible to all, and a reminder of the healing power of art.

For future events and performances, the Salisbury Symphony continues to invite the community to join them in their journey of spreading the joy and healing power of music. More information about their programs and initiatives can be found at www.salisburysymphony.org

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