Recommendations & Resources for Your Relocation


What does it mean to make a move? To maneuver from point A to point B. To assert yourself in ways you perhaps never have until this moment. To bring about a dream.

Making a move means all these things. In fact, sometimes making a move means everything.

Because of this, and because there are myriad details to consider from start to finish, moving to a new community can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if done well, relocation can bring about feelings of purpose and community. Sometimes relocation can come with a bit of a culture shock. Our Art, Attractions, Family & Greenspace connector Saray Molina traveled all the way from Mexico to Rowan County. But soon after moving she fell in love with Rowan County’s authentic, original ROCO culture and all the exciting adventures that can happen from within our home.

Rowan County Commissioner Judy Klusman relocated to Rowan County twelve years ago. I recently asked Judy what people can do to maintain both a sense of peace and productivity as they plan and carry out a relocation. Her advice is:

  • Breathe!
  • Find that adventuresome soul that’s in there somewhere. For some people, it’s hard to change. I’m a person that really opens up to it, and I enjoy different things. But moving is hard.
  • When you look at the list of top stressors in your life from Thrive Global, moving is one of them. Don’t let it drag you down.
  • Do your homework. There’s so much on the internet about what is going on. There are three theater companies, plus the four institutions of higher learning.
  • Whatever your thing is, you’ll find it in Rowan!


Rowan County Commissioner Judy Klusman


Diversity and Depth

Rowan County has such diversity and depth that you can reconnect with communities you have enjoyed all along or strike out and find something new to learn and enjoy.

Each resident I spoke with for this blog post adores something different about Rowan County. Jessica Ijames, Manager/Social Responsibility with Novant Health Rowan Medical Center says, “Rowan County is a great place to live! The boutique shops, excellent restaurants, and proximity to the mountains and beach are some of my favorite things about living and working in Rowan County.”

Elaine Spalding, President of the Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, relocated to Rowan County with her husband six years ago from Paducah, Kentucky. “We LOVE it!” she pronounces. Elaine has lived all over the country and completed more than 30 years in chamber work. Her favorites in Rowan County include: “The business community, the arts-friendly community—my husband is an artist; the outdoors—hiking and kayaking in the beautiful natural spaces; arts and culture; four higher ed institutions.” She pauses and then says with great emphasis: “We just think that Rowan County is the best place in the world to be.”

Elaine Spalding, President of the Rowan Chamber of Commerce, hiking with her husband near High Rock Lake.


Yes, Rowan County abounds with opportunities and amenities, no matter what you are seeking.

The Rowan-Salisbury School System hosts 19,000 students, and has the honor of being ranked “Top 10” for pioneering uses of technology nationally.

Jessica describes the attention to patient care available at convenient locations in the county. “Novant Health has a variety of services in Rowan County,” she says. “Our mission is to impact the health and wellness of the communities we serve, one person at a time, and I believe we truly do that. We have specialty and primary care practices across the community to meet patients where they are, when they need us. I believe this easy access to care, as well as the quality of care we provide, are especially attractive to residents and those considering a move to Rowan County. These practices, as well as our fully accredited medical center, offer a continuum of care that is important to our community. “

When Judy moved here, she sought out her church, St. John’s Lutheran Church of Salisbury, and the YMCA. She enjoys swimming and exercising.

Jessica concurs with the need to prioritize wellness. “Making time to be active and trying to eat healthy should be a focus of individuals and families. In our family, we love to go for walks after work and try to incorporate as many fresh fruits and vegetables as we can into our diet. We also enjoy going to the local parks and playing on the weekends.”


Resources for Your Relocation

Rowan County facilitates your move in every way imaginable. A digital resource offered by the Chamber of Commerce through the Salisbury Post is a Relocation Guide.

A membership in the Chamber provides business owners and managers with benefits and services, including business advocacy, professional development, business referrals, and networking programs. “We also provide a complimentary ribbon-cutting service for Chamber member new businesses,” Elaine says. If you are not ready for membership, you can still find help at the Chamber. Stop by the office at 204 E. Innes St. in downtown Salisbury and pick up a relocation packet, which includes the Chamber’s Membership Directory, a map, information on K-12 schools/higher education, and a list of upcoming community events.


Rowan County Chamber of Commerce’s Relocation Guide


Judy recommends the following experiential steps to learning about Rowan County: “Talk with people who live here when you come to visit. This is anyone walking down the street, your future co-workers, people you may encounter if you visit a church. And stop in the little restaurants and just mention you’re moving. They can tell you all kinds of information about the place.”

Communication is important in a relocation. If you are generally shy to speak up before you know someone, take the leap. Speak up sooner. Introduce yourself and ask anything that you are wondering about. Trust that the conversation could take you to new discoveries and perhaps even meaningful relationships. Be open to those possibilities!



The End… and The Beginning

A relocation can be a test of your creativity, your organization, your patience, your fortitude. No matter what befalls, know that it is taking you to a new place, full of rich opportunities and heart-warming community.

As we wrapped up our talk at Koco Java on Main Street, I asked Judy: “How does a person know that they are truly ‘home’?” Her eyes looked skyward, and she said, “#1. There’s this peace in your heart about where you live. And second, when you go away, you really do want to come home again.”

She and I smiled, knowing. May you find whatever it is you wish to come back to again and again.