As we all are enjoying the summer the best we can during a curious time, I wanted to share that the time is ripe for new experiences. We can socially distance and still venture out in Rowan County and appreciate our local offerings. 



If you travel along Bringle Ferry, Stokes Ferry or Long Ferry Roads, there are just two lakeside restaurants at the Bringle Ferry Bridge at Dutch Second Creek. That may qualify us as a food desert on the western side of High Rock Lake! So, the long-awaited opening of Waters Edge Dock and Grill, 257 Boat Club Lane, Salisbury just off Provident Church Road has happened with great fanfare. This is quite a feat especially during a pandemic when establishments are closing all over the country.


Waters Edge Dock and Grill logo.


The success of Waters Edge will depend on locals frequenting the casual watering hole, with upscale food, creative cocktails (watermelon margarita), and live entertainment every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (weather permitting). A lakeside dining destination can now be found just a short drive from Downtown Salisbury or boat ride past Goat Island.

General Manager, Lauren Viteri, shared that she and the owners are appreciative of the response they have received so far. “We are still tweaking the menu and will have new entrees in a few weeks. We are open every day from 11 a.m. til late. With N.C. state guidelines in place, bars stop serving cocktails at 11 p.m.”

Co-owners, Todd Littleton, and Mikey Wetzel have been working on refurbishing the old Boat and Ski Club for months and the finished product now showcases their vision.  “We wanted to create a home not only for High Rock Lake residents, but for all of Salisbury and Rowan County to want to visit, see a slice of our lake and tell their friends about their experience,” said Littleton. 


A view of Waters Edge from the lake.


Checking out Waters Edge Facebook page, the food looks amazing and I hear the ‘pontoon poppers’ are a hit. Current offerings are wings, salads, pizza, a varied selection of sandwiches, ½ lb. burgers and of course some amazing desserts. I even noticed Poutine is offered on the appetizer menu, originally from Maine, I can appreciate a good sampling of my French heritage.


Enjoy your meal with this beautiful view.


Economic Growth for High Rock Lake

With the new restaurant comes economic impact to the area, as Waters Edge Dock & Grill plans on employing up to 50 people bringing additional growth to the area. Lake resident, Greg Edds, Chairman of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners joined the soft opening of Waters Edge. “The food is really good! Waters Edge looks fantastic inside and is a great addition to our community. As with any new establishment the ownership is working through the flow of service and adding new menu items. I can say I was impressed with what I ordered,” commented Edds. “Part of developing the local economy and appeal of HRL is it’s amenities. Having a restaurant that rivals any on Lake Norman with ownership that has invested significantly to enhance the attractiveness of High Rock Lake is just the beginning,” continued Edds.

I connected with Rowan County realtor Karla Foster who says Waters Edge is proof that there is a market for restaurants with higher caliber food which will be a factor of attraction for new home buyers, especially with interest rates at record lows. “Anything to make the lake more accessible is good for Rowan. We are headed in the right direction with the new East Spencer exit off I-85, which will be a great direct access to the lake. Next, we need public picnic and beach access along with boat launches. Creating access, creates interest and creates growth!” said Foster with New Pointe Realty. I have received lots of requests on home and condos from folks interested in moving to this area from retirees from New York, New Jersey, and other northern states, to Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents wanting rental properties,” continued Foster.  “This area has lots of opportunity for development.” 


Karla Foster from NewPointe Realty.



The High Rock Lake CleanSweep Committee in tandem with the High Rock Lake Association are continuing their efforts on the 3rd Annual CleanSweep day. However, with COVID-19, a few changes will be in place to ensure we adhere to the Governor’s Phase 2 mandates.

All Cleansweep volunteers will need to wear masks upon arrival at the N.C. Wildlife boat ramp common areas; Dutch Second Creek, Bringle Ferry and Southmont, Hwy. 8 on September 19.

“Even with COVID-19 and social distancing orders in place, the HRLCleanSweep is a go and is extremely important that we continue even during a pandemic, so we can enjoy the lake for years to come.  We expect the number of participants to be much lower, but we know how important a clean, and safe lake is to our residents, and visitors, so we are going full steam ahead,” said HRLCleanSweep President Shane Graham, Lexington. 

“Volunteers can sign up to participate online through our Facebook page High Rock Lake Clean Sweep (@HRLCleanSweep), then pick up their supplies at the one of three Fire Departments – Southmont, Healing Springs, and Millers Ferry.  We are still working out the details and days for pick up with each station. Then over the course of the weekend, our ‘CleanSweepers’ can go out on their boat with their family and pick up trash floating or along the shoreline.  We will have dumpsters staged at Buddle Creek, Southmont, and Dutch Second Creek. 

To be socially distanced, we will not be staffing the locations to unload the debris, so we are encouraging people to pick up things they can handle themselves.  We hope to have a system in place so folks can send us a geotag or coordinates of bigger items for removal later.  Folks that don’t have boats can still register and clean up the walkable shoreline around the wildlife access points and bridges,” continued Graham. 


Boaters enjoying a beautiful day on the High Rock Lake.


To read more about how to enjoy the beauty of High Rock Lake while still being socially distant, check out my previous blog linked here.

I hope to see you all out on the lake! From a distance. #AloneTogether!

And, August is national immunization awareness month.

I would love to hear from you on what your favorite lake activity is, or someone that you would like me to feature in 2020. Please email me at


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