High Rock Lake residents and visitors know we have a special place for boating, fishing, jet skiing and the like, and we have a couple of options for food and necessary supplies for an enjoyable outing on the state’s second largest lake. Soon we will get to enjoy a new venue serving upscale food with additional views of the lake when Waters Edge Dock and Grill opens this month.

The property just off Providence Church Road is an easy ride along Bringle Ferry Road from Downtown Salisbury. It was primarily known as the Boat and Ski Club since the early 80’s. Most recently the restaurant was called TJ’s. Now, through ownership and vision of two High Rock Lake residents and restaurateurs, Mikey Wetzel and Todd Littleton, we will have a new establishment that will be open seven days a week! Both men currently own established eateries in Downtown Salisbury; Go Burrito! and City Tavern.


Views of High Rock Lake

The beautiful views you can see of High Rock Lake!


Hands-On Ownership

During my visit to Waters Edge Dock and Grill, Todd gave me the tour of the refurbished restaurant boasting a new bar area, kitchen with upfitted appliances (I’ve never seen so much stainless steel in one place), a refreshed dining room, and outdoor seating with fantastic views of the 12-acre property and the Pebble Point area.  

Littleton mentioned the property was certainly challenging to bring to life their vision, but the opportunity was something they couldn’t pass up. “The rebrand and build-out is worth the investment and time; there is a lot of property here to work with. Both of our families are working the project with us from painting walls, picking and laying out the wood floors and tile in the restrooms, to the design of the garage doors to give the dining room an open concept,” Littleton pointed out.

“I want Waters Edge to be the premier spot on the lake. We want Downtown Salisbury residents to venture out and experience our lake perhaps for the first time. We want, not just to survive; we want to thrive in this community for years to come,” said Littleton. “The menu selection will avail itself for folks to visit multiple times a week. Quality products and service will deliver a premiere spot on High Rock Lake!”


Water Edge dock and grill street sign

Make sure to stop and take a detour into this restaurant, when you see this sign!


The building process will be in stages as the establishment will not be cookie cutter and the amenities offered will evolve and grow as the lake community grows. Future plans are grand and could include a waterfront bar/cabana, outdoor music venue, even kayak rentals and fuel for boats. “We know investors and property developers will be watching our progress. There is one new upscale housing development just about completed a few miles away. A few more could follow. If we all foster great attitudes and take pride in our Salisbury portfolio of offerings it will be a win-win for all of us,” said Littleton.

Currently there is a home on the property and eventually it will be turned into an Airbnb with a dedicated pier, golf cart, and pontoon boat use. The home has four bedrooms and will accommodate up to 14 guests. Sounds like the right spot for a family reunion getaway!

A Super Sense of Community

Both Mikey and Todd are active in the Rowan – Salisbury community and will continue the welcome mat with key offerings of several promotions throughout the summer. These will include entertainment inside and out, as well as cross-promoting with already established Rowan County events like the July 27 Rowan Chamber 7th annual Dragon Boat Festival. Having a place for those of us that don’t want the fun to end will be ideal.

“Everybody deserves to enjoy the lake. Not only will we offer a good place for food, but a change of scenery for families that don’t have a connection with or at the lake.

“We encourage respect for the lake. We want to be good business neighbors to everybody, as we do in our own neighborhoods. Our staff will be very cognizant of noise and trash collection, and hours will be adjusted to ‘keep the peace’ as we don’t want to infringe on our neighbors lakeliving lifestyle. We plan on having good communication on our upcoming events,” continued Littleton.


Waters Edge Logo

The new Waters Edge logo!


I can say with confidence that lake residents are looking forward to a family friendly welcoming establishment for a place that we can call home and be a good first impression of the lake for first-time visitors.


For more information on Waters Edge Bar and Grill check out their Facebook page, website watersedgehighrock.com, or email info@watersedgehighrock.com

Address: 257 Boat Club Lane, Salisbury. Phone 704-603-8056


I hope to see you all out on the lake!



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