The performing arts community is alive and well in Rowan County. There are three different theaters offering top notch performances. Even the Rowan Public Library hosts acting troupes during the year. However, when searching for talents there is one dance school that prides itself on being ready when called upon and that is none other than Triple Threat Dance & Charm founded by Krystal Stukes.


Two Paths Crossed

I always like to have a personal connection to any blog that I write. So, to take you back in time a bit, I first moved to Salisbury, NC in the fall of 2011. I believe I met Krystal in the fall of 2012. I was visiting a church in the area and she was performing a liturgical piece. In that very moment, you could immediately tell she was a performer through and through.

Time went on and we crossed paths when she was in her second year coaching the dance team at North Rowan High School. I watched how well she led and taught the girls. She worked with them in their school as well as home life. I thought to myself, “Wow, what a dedicated woman!” I was in awe with the amount of energy she always seemed to have and how passionate she was about the kids she mentored.

At the time, my business was in my home and I was still finding my way through things. I wanted something to do, so I helped Krystal with the North Rowan Dazzling Emeralds dance team. What a schedule she kept! Her drive was hard for me to match. She eats, sleeps, and breathes performing arts. PERIOD! She is the total package. In writing this blog, I was sitting down with a friend, someone who started their business at the same time I started mine. Although we don’t always get to work together these days, we seem to be on a similar course whenever we take a moment and talk with one another.

The following is a mutual conversation between she and I. From here forward, I am Miss Bougie (my business name) and she is 3XThreat (her business name). Excuse the excitement, it had been a long time since these two old friends caught up.

Miss Bougie: Hey girl!!! Wait, why do you look so tired?!?!?!?

3XThreat: Girl, the next phase is happening and I am tired!

Miss Bougie: Oh, so you didn’t do like I did and take the whole summer off?!

3XThreat: Girl please! I wish! I had 70 kids this summer for camp and of course you know its registration time at Triple Threat. I am tired…

Miss Bougie: Yet, you love it! Let me treat you to a weekend before the fall season truly picks up.

That is a sample of what happens when we take a moment to just sit and talk. We help each other see something in our businesses and we empower one another to grow even more.

Let me give you some information about how she became the founder and owner of Triple Threat Dance & Charm.


Krystal’s Impressive History & Accomplishments

Krystal has had over 20 years of dance training and 15 years of dance coaching experience. She began dancing at the age of three at Yolanda’s School of Dance in China Grove, NC and later danced competitively with Center Stage Dance Company of China Grove. During Krystal’s primary years of dance training, she was also trained in modeling and pageantry competing for regional, state, and national level pageant titles.

Krystal grew to love competitive cheerleading and competed on both state and national levels with both her high school and all-star teams.

She attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where she was a member of the E. Gwynn African Dance Company and a liturgical dancer for the North Carolina A&T Fellowship Gospel Choir. Krystal was also a band member of the North Carolina A&T Blue and Gold Marching Machine and was a Golden Delight where she was a majorette and flag girl. In college, Krystal also had the opportunity to dance and cheer for both the NIFL Revolution and the AIFL Raleigh Rebels arena football teams.

With a BS in Journalism Mass Communications and a concentration in Public Relations, Krystal was a consortium student at UNC Greensboro and had the opportunity to study courses in early childhood dance curriculum. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education Management.

Krystal served as Auxiliary Director for the Maynard Evans High School Marching Band in Orlando, FL and was the founder of the North Rowan High School Dazzling Emeralds of Salisbury, NC.

She is currently the Auxiliary Director for the Livingstone College Blue Elegance dance line.

In the pageant world, Krystal has served on the judging panel for the SunBurst Beauty Pageant in both North Carolina and Florida. In 2012, she was appointed talent judge for the All-American Girl Pageant Preliminary and National competition in Washington and Oregon. Her most recent success story is when her student, Michelle Cartwright, won Miss Congeniality at the Miss American Outstanding Teen Pageant, which is the sister pageant of Miss America.

In the theater world, Krystal has coached her very own daughter, Sari, who has secured roles in local productions. As a dance studio, many of her students recently were casted in The Wiz which was recently performed at the Meroney Theater in downtown Salisbury.

In 2013, Krystal had a vision and passion to serve her community through the artistic form of dance.  Today, Triple Threat Dance & Charm is a place where dancers from ages 2-18 can enjoy and experience dance at all levels.


Photo courtesy of 2:AM Photography


Pretty impressive, huh? The very fact that someone of her caliber serves our community is amazing.


Providing Opportunity for All Through Dance

I asked her mother, who is lovingly called Grammy by the kids, what she was most proud of her daughter for achieving and she stated “Krystal’s commitment to service by providing top notch training to underprivileged children as well as providing diversity among the dancers, since different nationalities perform together.” Grammy went on to say, “In doing so, we have become a pillar in the community for bridging gaps in performing arts by providing a school that many otherwise would not be exposed to or have access to.”


Photo courtesy of 2:AM Photography


As I listened to her talk about her daughter and watch how fond she was of her accomplishments, she stated the greatest take away of it all is watching the kids grow and develop into not just awesome dancers, but truly well-rounded young women. I then thought to myself, as a parent, we make investments in our children when they are young by paying for lessons for them to hone a talent they have. What a great return on your investment to see your child teach others the same thing you invested in.


Photo courtesy of 2:AM Photography


Toward the end of our conversation, they both spoke kindly of a young woman name Maggy. I didn’t get her last name, but she is autistic and has the gift of music. She plays the piano and dances in the studio with the girls. Krystal says its moments like that which make her a proud owner. To allow a child space to express themselves is priceless.

If you are interested in having your child learn with Triple Threat Dance & Charm, visit their website here. You may also check them out on Instagram @3xthreatdance11 or stop by the studio which is located at 129 W. Corriher Ave. Salisbury NC.