Rowan County Creek Week 2021

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Guided group sunset paddle on the Yadkin!

Flat Storm E. monitoring our waterways!

Water connects us. Maybe it’s through your annual, multigenerational fishing trip, or a day out on the kayak. Waterways function as a source of sustenance and leisure, as means of transportation, indicators of human and ecological health, a source of revenue, and countless other attributes. Without waterways, life as we know it would cease to exist. Due to its many benefits, it is important to understand our waterways and how we can best protect water quality and conserve our traditions.

Rowan County’s third annual Creek Week is a week-long event prepared by many creative sponsors and partners to contribute community waterway education. “The events held during Creek Week are intended to provide recreational, educational, and volunteer opportunities, and to bring awareness to the great water resources we have in Rowan County. Positive experiences can lead to a shift in behaviors that may encourage people to help protect our waterways, and become more involved in conserving our natural resources,” Kelli Isenhour, chairperson of the Creek Week steering committee states. Creek Week spans from August 21 to August 28 (image 1 is the schedule for Creek Week 2021). Some events require registration which is available on the Rowan County Creek Week page. Every day will present another adventure in our North Carolina waters. Not fond of the outdoors? Enjoy yoga or the arts? Like to use your creativity and engineering skills? There is something for everyone to do during Creek Week!

  • Stay tuned for a waterway scavenger hunt!
  • Friday, July 22 – Saturday, August 28 – Rowan Waterscapes by Plein Air Carolina open their exhibit to the public at Rail Walk Studios & Gallery. The gallery will be open until the 28th. Be sure to stop by and see these breathtaking art pieces that capture Rowan waters beautifully!
  • Sunday, August 15 – Saturday, August 28 – The South Main Book Company display will be available for viewing. This store has always had such beautiful window displays it is worth taking a look!

Eagle Point Nature Preserve from 2019 Cleanup.

Elise Tellez involved in Creek Week Clean-ups!

Saturday, August 21 (KICKOFF)

The 21st is a day for mental and physical healing, the outdoor enthusiasts, as well as the planetarium fanatics!

  • 9AM – the morning starts off with a relaxing yoga session located at the beautiful Dan Nicholas Park.
  • 9AM 12PM – There will be a clean-up at the gorgeous Eagle Point Nature Preserve.
  • 1PM-4PM – Horizons Unlimited takes it away with their kickoff for the remainder of the day. Neil Pifer, the planetarium director for the kickoff event has planned something truly special. “Come to the dome!” Neil exclaims. Enough said, I’ll be right there! Horizon’s maintains a pristine touch tank where participants can get the chance to interact with aquatic life! Visiting the facility a while back, I was truly impressed with the wide variety of creatures that inhabit the tank. On top of that, there is another chance to indulge in the great outdoors on a nature hike! Partner booths will be there as well. This is a great opportunity to socialize and network with some amazing people that share passions for our waters.

Sunday, August 22

Sunday gives you a chance to see the outdoors from a unique perspective and to become more informed on our waterways in Davidson County.

  • 2PM-4PM – Attend a cleanup at Yadkin River Park.
  • 4PM-6PM – educational programming about our waterways.
  • 4PM – The Pedal Factory will also host “Ride to the River Park”. Pedal Factory is a non-profit organization with the goal to make bikes accessible to all.
  • 5PM – you have the chance to attend a family fishing event at Dan Nicholas Park! Be prepared to hopefully get a nibble or two (Registration required).
  • 5:30PM – Attend a presentation given by the Town of Spencer’s Mayor, Jonathan Williams. Williams has been involved with Rowan Creek Week since 2019 and has been involved with Forsyth County Creek Weeks in the past. Williams thoroughly looks forward to seeing new and familiar faces. “After a year of social distancing and quarantine, I am most looking forward to seeing people gather in person again and spend time outdoors enjoying the many benefits our water resources in Rowan County provide for our citizens.” I second that.
  • 7PM – The festivities aren’t over until the sun goes down! Join Row Co River Adventures on the Yadkin River Sunset Paddle. Nicky Black has been involved with Rowan Creek Week since its conception in 2019. Nicky notes: “to expect a beautiful evening on the Yadkin with a full moon view.” Doesn’t get better than that (registration required).

Monday, August 23

  • 5:30PM – Monday is for those that enjoy a good hike after a long day of work or school. Join Three Rivers Land Trust for a hike in Stanback Forest (registration required).

Tuesday, August 24

  • 6PM-9PM – Brought to you by NC Wildlife Resources Commission, you will get the opportunity to complete the first of two sessions of the NC Boater Education Course (registration required).

Wednesday, August 25

  • 2PM – Meet Oscar. Not the cute and fuzzy Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, but a carefully crafted piece of equipment designed to preserve and improve water quality. Sarina Dellinger, Assistant Public Garden Manager of Hurley Park has been involved with Rowan Creek Week for about a year. Dellinger mentions how important this installation is. “Most of the water comes from the hospital and road. Oscar would prevent clogging of the fountain and waterway.” Thank you to the City of Salisbury for this installation!
  • 6PM-9PM – Brought to you by NC Wildlife Resources Commission, you will get the opportunity to complete the last available session of the NC Boater Education Course (registration required).

Coolemee Falls

Last year’s kayaking demo at Lake Corriher Wilderness Park.

Thursday, August 26

  • 10AM – Located at Cooleemee Falls, join in on an adventure and litter-clean up to keep the area pristine and trash-free (registration required)! 
  • 6PM – Attend a duck box-building demonstration located in Stanback Forest.

Friday, August 27

  • 9AM-11:30AM – A High Rock dam tour will be available (registration required)!
  • 1:30PM – Join Salisbury Rowan Utilities for a presentation and guided tour of their facility at SRU Administration Building. Get a better understanding of how our waste water is processed (registration required)!
  • 5PM-7:45PM – The Medicine Take Back will be at Lakeview Restaurant on Bringle Ferry Rd. Learn more about this service here.

Saturday August 28 (FINALE)

  • 8AM – 8PM – At Lake Corriher Wilderness Park, kids have an opportunity to fish for free all day!
  • 10AM – Come and join us for the Rowan Recycling Regatta! Use your creativity to race your recycled boat against others. Michael Hanna, Public Works Administrative Services Manager for the city of Salisbury has been involved with Roco Creek Week since 2019. He looks forward to “people having some fun, learning how boats float and go, and learning how to reuse and repurpose things.” 
  • 10AM – Kayak paddling demo!

April Everett, a Creek Week volunteer, is excited for this year’s celebration. “Creek Week is such a great opportunity to learn about our local waters. I love the variety of programs and the fact that most programs are family-friendly and help get people of all ages excited about water resources and recreation.” I am so excited too, April!

The sponsors and partners involved in Roco Creek Week 2021 are listed on the Creek Week Website and at the top of the page. Thank you to these organizations for making all of this possible. 

While venturing outside, please be sure to wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the events that you attend! 

If you wish to get involved with Creek Week as a partner, visit the Rowan Creek Week website to register your event. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Kelli Isenhour.

Even if you are unable to attend these events, I still want you, the reader, to consider how your everyday decisions are impacting our water systems. Water is prone to pollution through runoff and other natural forces that may bring it there. But, we also have intentional pollution where dumping of toxic chemicals may take place. It is absolutely crucial that we become informed on how to properly dispose of our wastes so that it does not end up in our waterways or negatively impact our ecosystems and ways of life. Out of sight should not be out of mind. Our waste has a journey, even after we dispose of it. “Only rain goes down the storm drain.” Please read the following link to learn how you can conserve our waters.


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