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A friend, April Everette, mentioned to me that she and Kelli Isenhour had thought it would be a fun subject to do a blog on the pets in shops in Rowan County.  I thought it was a great idea, but I didn’t think I’d have a lot to write about… boy was I wrong!!!

Let me take you on a tour of some of the shops around the county that have pets to brag about!  We will start in Downtown Salisbury!

Stitchin Post Kitty
Pets of AnnaCraig

Stitchin Post

Most of us have heard and/or seen the famous Sasha Kitty!  She even had a book written about her and the Downtown Shops back in 2012 called “Sasha Shops Salisbury”.  At that time, I was playing the life-sized Sasha Kitty and got to autograph the books.  The first cat in the shop was Nitwit and he was there from 1990-2006.  As Nitwit began to age, Pam Coffield, the owner of Stitchin Post located at 104 S. Main St., Salisbury, decided it may be a good idea to bring another kitty into the shop.  A friend of the shop saw an ad in the paper looking for a good home for a mother cat.  Pam said, “I carried that phone number around for a couple of weeks before I called.”  She said she knew the cat would probably be gone, but as luck would have it not a soul had reached out.  It was meant to be that Pam would come and find a skinny, scrawny, but sweet kitty that blossomed into the beautiful shop cat that we have all come to love.  When you are in the Stitchin Post, where you can find just about everything, be sure to look around for Sasha to be sitting somewhere watching you!!

AnnaCraig Boutique

I got in touch with Drew Myers, owner of AnnaCraig Boutique, located at 100 West Innes St., Salisbury.  This shop has two adorable dogs in their shop from time to time.  Wrigley, a Maltese, who is 9 years old and Marlin, a yellow lab, who is 3 years old!  I remember Wrigley from when this shop opened 7 years ago.  He has apparently shown Marlin the ropes of how to welcome everyone to the shop when you come in!  When you come in the shop for all the current fashions be sure to ask for these two sweeties.

The Doodles of Oxford and Lee!

Casper the friendly dog!

Oxford and Lee

Karlee Eagle of Oxford and Lee, located at 103 N. Main St, Salisbury, has two adorable dogs in her men and women’s upscale shop!  Maggie is 5 years old and is a Golden Doodle and then you have Tucker who is a Double Doodle!  Both of them love customers and will lay in the window of the shop from time to time enticing customers to come in and give them some attention.  Be sure to give them a rub on the head while you are shopping all the great clothing.


When you come in to fix yourself a live terrarium or shop all the local artist items in Hive you will likely be greeted by Casper… the friendly dog!!  Casper is owned by Michelle Pentoney who is the owner of Hive, located at 126 E. Innes St. Salisbury.  Casper is a recuse and is believed to be 6-7 years old and is a shepherd and lab mix.  Be sure to give him a pet on the head when you come in!

Abby of Barnhardt Jewelers!

Fisher the cat!

Barnhardt Jewelers

Debbie Barnhardt, owner of Barnhardt Jewelers located at 112 E. Innes St., Salisbury has a miniature poodle named Abby in her shop!!  Debbie said, “she loves to jump up on the showcases while we are showing diamonds!  It’s really cute”!  Apparently, this 7-year-old little lady also likes to copycat all the grandchildren whether it’s in the pool or sliding down the slide with them!  If you go in the shop just find Debbie and Abby, her little shadow” will be close by!

The Lettered Lily

When you step inside The Lettered Lily on 113 W. Fisher St., Salisbury, owned by Taylor Durham and Megan Ferden, for all of your stationery needs be sure you look for this beautiful boy, Fisher!!  He is appropriately named for the street where this beautiful shop is located.  Fisher is a 3-year-old black male kitty and they got him from a customer who had his mother.  He’s been in the shop since he was a baby.  Fisher would love to greet you and then as most cats do when he’s finished he will just leave you be!

Madeline & Mable of Critters of Salisbury!

Archie the Rescue!

Critters of Salisbury

Critters of Salisbury, located at 125 S. Main St, Salisbury has two beautiful cocker spaniels in their shop. Madeline, who is 13 years old, and Mable, who is 11 years old.  Madeline is a blonde or “buff” color and Mable is a beautiful black dog.  You can find them in the shop every day except for every other Thursday when they go to the day spa!!  Lucky dogs!!

The Thread Shed

A little-known fact is that The Thread Shed, located at 133 S. Main St., Salisbury has a precious pup inside that belongs to the owners Dave and Cindy Loflin.  His name is Archie!  Archie is a rescue that is they think a mix of Australian shepherd and a cattle dog.  Archie is believed to be around the age of 2!  You may not see him too much because he likes to stay close to Cindy when she is embroidering.   Dave said, “he’s our dog, but he really belongs to Cindy”!

Lola the French Bulldog!

Cut Up and Dye

I was walking down the street and popped in to say hello to Lelia Faries, owner of Cut Up and Dye on 117 W. Innes St., Salisbury.  I was greeted by Lola a beautiful French Bulldog!!  After tons of doggy kisses, I knew Lola deserved a mention along with all the other beautiful pets in Salisbury!

Now Out and About the County

As I was calling around to the different towns I was given a few businesses to check out because of the precious pets they had inside.


Mookie of the N.C. Transportation Museum!

Beautiful Bor-Doodle Ivey

N.C Transportation Museum

If you have spent any time at the N.C. Transportation Museum, located at 1 Samuel Spencer Drive, Spencer, NC, then you have surely seen Mookie, the beautiful white and black cat!  Mookie is quite the ham I am told and likes to photobomb visitors!  She is a friendly cat that can pop up just about anywhere according to Betsy Mowery.  “One time we were taking a vehicle to a parade sight and they stopped for gas and Mookie had apparently been asleep inside the vehicle.  She jumped out when they stopped and was quickly rescued and returned to her home”!!  She’s even been known to ride around with the police officers at night when they make their rounds at the museum.  She loves all the kids and visitors, and if you are there for a tour she might just join your group!  Don’t worry she is very loved, microchipped, and helps to control any unwanted varmints that may wander around.

Harwood Signs

I was told right off the bat to check out Harwood Signs and see their sweet Ivey.  A customer and friend of theirs said that she goes to Harwood Signs owned by Drew Harwood and located at 105 Depot St., Granite Quarry, N.C., just to visit Ivey!  A beautiful Bor-Doodle that is 3 years of age.  Weighing in at about 40 pounds this loving dog greets customers and “stands on their feet so they can’t leave” according to Drew!  I don’t think you will have to look for her because she will find you!

This is Stella!

The Social Dog Park and Pub

Dr. Collins Chiropractic Services

So… the same lady that loves on Ivey also loves on another precious baby.  Her name is Stella and she is a 4-year-old Teacup Yorkie and belongs to Dr. Collins and his wife, Faith! During the day Stella, all 2.5 pounds of her, guards the building on her perch that sits in front of a window.  She guards the office from any cats that make walk by!  Stella also greets the customers at their location on 138 Mocksville Ave., Salisbury.   I’m sure she isn’t spoiled at all!

The Social Dog Park and Pub

While gathering all the information of the great pets located in our local businesses I came across a hot new item that all dog owners will be excited to know!  We have a couple, Brad and Jennifer Biester, that are looking for property to open a dog park and a pub combination that would be called The Social Dog Park and Pub.

I recently grabbed a cup of coffee with Jennifer and her plan sounds fantastic!  “It’s more than a dog park” she began.  “We want to have a place where people can gather for a cold drink and visit with friends while their dogs play off-leash in a safe place” and the best part is they will be offering memberships!  They also want this space to be a gathering place for yoga, birthday parties, Gotcha Days, wine and paint classes, they would like to have local wineries and breweries have monthly tastings, and so much more!  They even plan to donate 10% of bar sales on Wednesday to a local non-profit group!

So, you are saying… WOW, this sounds great… but of course, there is a problem! They can’t find a suitable half-acre property to set up this great business!  That’s where I hope some of you reading this can help them out!  If you know of any property that you think may work shoot Jennifer an email at

I have to agree with Jennifer that dog owners just seem to come together. “Dog people like dog people.  We live here and we love it here!  I know more of my neighbors here than anywhere I have ever lived”!

Meals On Wheels Rowan

During the month of August, Meals on Wheels Rowan is having their “AniMEALS” campaign to help collect pet food for the people they deliver meals to that are pet owners themselves!  Their goal is 2 tons of food and they will take monetary donations as well!

If you would like to help out and donate call 704-633-0352 for more information or drop off your donation at 1307 S. Salisbury Ave., Spencer from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Well there you go

See… I told you I was wrong!  There are so many pet owners in Rowan County!  Whether your pet is a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a lizard, and so on… we love our pet babies here in Rowan County!

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