Salisbury Symphony’s April Extravaganza: From Strings to Inspirations

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Arts

This April, the Salisbury Symphony is set to captivate classical music aficionados with two spectacular events that underscore the versatility and richness of orchestral music. With a lineup that spans from an intimate string serenade to a grand orchestral concert, Salisbury’s musical landscape will be ablaze with talent, inspiration, and the timeless beauty of classical compositions.

A Duel of Strings: Violin V.S. Viola Serenade Series

Kicking off the month’s musical offerings is the Violin V.S. Viola, a unique concert that spotlights the subtle yet profound distinctions between two of the orchestra’s most expressive instruments. Scheduled for Saturday April 20th at 3:00 PM in the intimate setting of the Norvell Theatre, this event promises an evening of nuanced performances that will explore the depth and range of both violin and viola.

Audience members will be treated to a curated selection of pieces that not only highlight the individual characteristics of each instrument but also their harmonious interplay when paired together. This serenade series stands as a testament to the Symphony’s commitment to offering diverse and enriching musical experiences, providing a perfect prelude to the orchestral majesty that follows later in the month.

Musical Inspirations: A Night with Kalena Bovell

The pinnacle of April’s musical celebrations comes on the 27th, at 7:30 PM in the grandeur of Keppel Auditorium, Catawba College, with the Musical Inspirations Orchestra Series Concert. Under the baton of conductor candidate Kalena Bovell, this concert is an exploration of the deep connections between composers, their muses, and the music that has inspired generations.

The evening’s repertoire spans from Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Ballade in A minor to Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations, with featured pieces including Antonin Dvorak’s Violin Concerto in A minor performed by the superb violinist Njioma Grevious, and George Walker’s Lyric for Strings. Each piece selected for this concert has a story, a tribute to friends, family, and colleagues who have left an indelible mark on the composers’ lives and works.

Kalena Bovell, praised for her distinctive voice in classical music and her commitment to musical excellence and community access, is expected to bring a fresh perspective to these timeless compositions. Her journey from a latecomer to orchestral music to an acclaimed conductor is an inspiration, mirroring the very themes of perseverance and inspiration that define the evening’s program.

Engage and Explore

Complementing these performances, the Symphony has organized events designed to deepen the audience’s connection to the music. From pre-concert talks that shed light on the evening’s pieces to community gatherings and post-concert receptions, attendees are invited to immerse themselves fully in the Symphony’s vibrant community.

The Salisbury Symphony’s April lineup is a celebration of the transformative power of music, an invitation to explore the stories behind the notes, and an opportunity to witness the talents of both seasoned musicians and rising stars. Whether you’re drawn to the intimate interplay of violin and viola or the grand narratives of the orchestra, these concerts are not to be missed.

For more information and tickets, please visit salisburysymphony.org. Join us as we celebrate the enduring beauty and inspiration of music, brought to life by the Salisbury Symphony. 

Pictured: Top (L to R) Amanda Gentile, David Strassberg, Tomasz Robak

Bottom (L to R) Kalena Bovell, Njioma Grevious

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