Shop Small This Holiday Season

Shop Small This Holiday Season

Tis’ the most wonderful time of the year in Rowan County! There is something so vintage and charming when the holiday season rolls around about Rowan County. No matter if you are in the city of Salisbury or driving through the western parts of the county, you know the holiday season is here. It is evident in the random blown up Santa’s, the string of lights that are on the houses, or the nativity scenes that pop up in people yards.

There is no time too early; it seems right after Halloween, ghost and goblins go in a bin and out pops all the Christmas decorations. However, what I enjoy a lot is the boutiques that start to prepare for the holiday shoppers. I took a stroll about two weeks before Thanksgiving to see how the stores were preparing for the season and many had started rearranging the mannequins. Some were preparing to change the window decorations and had started to talk about the sales soon to be offered.

There’s Black Friday offers, but more than anything else, most talked about Shop Small Saturday which is held on November 30 and the first Saturday in December in Downtown Salisbury. On my day riding and popping into the different boutiques, I was able to snap some pictures and ask the store employee what they felt would be a hot item and what they enjoyed about the Christmas season in Rowan County.


All Things Southern and Unique

My first stop was Sweet Country Style, located at 105 W. Innes St. The Slogan “All things Southern and Unique” fits them perfectly! When I walked in, I was greeted with a pleasant smile and encouraged to look around. I loved the fitted bell bottom pants and was very happy with the selection of winter clothing available for purchase. When asked what was suspected to be a hot item this winter, the pants won! In order to find out what their holiday sales will be, you can visit them online at sweetcountrystyle.com or on their Facebook Page at Sweet Country Style Boutique.


Do You Need A New Sweater?

Upon exiting, I walked to 3 Jem’s at 102 S. Main Street and the door was propped open with holiday music flowing. I was so happy to meet Abby Parham! If you are a lover of Chunky Sweaters you must stop by there and get one! I immediately whipped out my camera phone and snapped a picture for my daughter to see because I knew she would want at least one of them! I love the selections in this store. Right here is probably where I should enter a disclaimer at a risk of repeating myself because all of the boutiques had something very unique in them that I absolutely loved! 3 Jem’s is a store you must stop in and take your time to browse! You can find out about their holiday night out sale by visiting them online at 3Jemsboutique.com. You can find them on Facebook as well.


A variety of options to choose from!


Boutiques Give Back

Then I took a lovely stroll to Tonyan Grace at 210 S. Main Street and was enveloped by classy Grace! The name is fitting and says class with an air of sophistication! I love it! See there I go again. I can’t help it. Rowan County Boutiques do not mess around when it comes to giving you a first-rate experience. Tonyan Grace does more than just have stylish dresses. Their accessories are stunningly beautiful as well. This boutique also works hard to give to the community. During this time of the year, they collect toiletries, hats, and scarves for Rowan Helping Ministries. They also have several events coming up that you can find on their Facebook page. You can see what they carry in the store at tonyangraceboutique.com. When asked what was loved about having a boutique in Rowan County, the reply was the support of the community and its affordability to start a business in Rowan County.

The Newest One

It was a beautiful day so I walked back up Main and ended up at Oxford + Lee Boutique located at 106 East Innes St. It’s a relatively new boutique in Salisbury, but so very unique. Their Hot Fall/Winter items are the Over Under, Concealed Carry Vest, Holiday Dog Collars, Draper James by Reese Witherspoon and the Southern Tide Pullover!! Talk about some great items! For Holiday Night Out on December 7, they will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For Small Business Saturday, they will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Peering into the newest boutique in downtown Salisbury!


When asked why they like having the boutique in Downtown Salisbury, they stated “I love having my store in Downtown Salisbury because of the warm and inviting atmosphere within the town. Everyone in Salisbury is so inviting and supportive of everyone else within the community, and I really enjoy being a part of that.” They have a very unique special going on called the 12 Days of Christmas which runs from December 13 through 24.  Take a look at what each day will bring:

    • Day 1: 20% off all t-shirts
    • Day 2: 20% off earrings
    • Day 3: 15% off dog collars
    • Day 4: 20 % off men’s wear
    • Day 5: 15% off leather goods
    • Day 6: 25% off all outerwear
    • Day 7: Mystery Percentage off entire purchase
    • Day 8: 25% off all pants
    • Day 9: 20% off necklaces
    • Day 10: 20% off candles
    • Day 11: Spend $100, receive a 25% off coupon
    • Day 12: 20% off entire store!

Pretty cool right?! I had some favorite items in this boutique, so I aim to take advantage of the specials! I hope you do too!

The Busy Ones Don’t Leave You Hanging

I also visited Anna Craig Boutique at 100 East Innes St. They were busy when I walked in, but they didn’t leave me to myself to figure it out. They quickly pointed out that the sweaters and cardigans were hot items. If you would like to find out more about what they will have for Holiday Night Out, be sure to go to annacraigonline.com or you can find them on Facebook.


Jewelry is always the way to go when searching for your holiday gifts.


The Reindeer Sweaters

The last boutique I visited was Embellish located at 101 N. Main Street in China Grove. Christmas was in the air as I walked in to Christmas songs playing on the speakers outside the store. The store owner is Lisa Deal and she has made sure that you will be ready for Christmas! When asked what the hot item was, the answer was the reindeer sweaters and, sure enough, someone was taking one off the rack to try it on. They are ready for Christmas and they are ready for you! Be sure to stop by and check them out. If you would like to find out about their holiday sales and specials, you can go to embellisboutiquenc.com and you can find them on Facebook as well.


Each boutique was very unique, and I truly enjoyed making my list of gifts as I wandered through each of them. I hope you take the opportunity to shop small and shop Rowan!






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