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Wake Up Your Spring with Fun Art Classes

Getting a little stir crazy? We all are. Beat the winter blues with upcoming classes at Waterworks Visual Art Center (https://www.waterworks.org/). Jackie Black, the education coordinator at Waterworks, wants to encourage people to come out again and try something new.

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Local Business “Recycles” Glass Through Art in Rowan County

Nestled in Downtown Salisbury on W Bank Street is the Grievous Gallery. In my experience, The Grievous Gallery is a melting pot of free spirits and a place to heal and witness eccentric and local art.“You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.”-Zig Ziglar. The people are what makes this place a business. Small businesses are the heart of our community. They are also more sustainable than a chain as most of their products are locally sourced, creating a circular economy. The Grievous Gallery has shattered what we thought we knew about recycling and repurposing through local businesses.

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