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Winter Birds of High Rock Lake

Rowan County, specifically High Rock Lake, is a refuge for many feathered winter visitors including the American White Pelican. These flock migrant birds are believed to be from central U.S. likely Texas, find their way to our lake each year, between October and April. A perfect viewing spot is just below the High Rock Lake dam, Tuckertown reservoir off Bringle Ferry Road. The latest count from N.C. Audubon Society suggests there are approximately 96 white pelicans calling HRL home for the winter.

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Reflections and Resolutions 2022 – Part Two

If there is trash on the road, it will find a way into the lake, especially with these winds off the lake. Why there are big gulp cups, beer cans, tobacco tins, and water bottles on the side of the road by the woods is beyond my comprehension. I live on a dead-end road, there is little traffic coming and going, especially during this time of year. Let’s all do our part and take care of our own stuff. Plus, this gave me a great opportunity to hit a few of my resolutions in one fell swoop – exercise, meet neighbors and keep our section of the community clean.

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Advocacy For High Rock Lake

We have a man-made lake in our county. We are lucky. However, our natural resource does need help from all of us. From those that live on the lake, the thousands who participate in fishing tournaments and the many who visit HRL for recreational purposes. Let’s review the consistent work that is being done on our collective behalf. Advocacy at its best.
Advocacy comes in many forms, small non-profit as HRLCleanSweep, state and local government of course, deliberate actions of membership organizations as High Rock Lake Association, and our educators.

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