Opportunities are waiting to be discovered in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Whether you are considering a move to the area, a recent newcomer, or a lifelong resident, original experiences are alive and thriving here for you to enjoy. An easy way to get to know Rowan County is by exploring the resources on this site! Before you know it, you’ll be an original too.

Rowan is an easy drive from international and regional airports, major cities, the mountains, and even the coast. It offers the best of everything without the congestion of major cities. Live life at your own pace.

Discover why smaller is better by visiting the sections below. 

Kinda’ Country. Kinda’ Cool.

No matter your interest, in Rowan County there’s something for everyone. It’s the best of both worlds for those seeking a country setting with a dynamic cultural heart. Life here includes a historical center and the flavorful charm of rural communities. Residents and visitors alike always have choices on the kind of experience they want and the pace of their day.

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Meet the originals that make Rowan a great place to be!

Nick Means

Advocate, Coach, Mentor, Team Player
Relocated from Thomasville, NC

“I came here for college and fell in love with the community. I had a great opportunity with one of the best employers in the world, so I took advantage of it and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Steve Yang

Husband, Father, Community Advocate, Coach
Born in Seoul, Korea; Rowan Resident since 1979

“My family moved here when I was 8 years old. I knew when I graduated from dental school, this was the place I wanted to settle and raise a family. This has always been home to me, and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.”

Daniel & Michelle Lancaster

Christians, Entrepreneurs, Family-Oriented, Hard Working
Relocated from Georgia and Rowan County Native

“Rowan County is filled with citizens who care about the well-being and success of their neighbors. There is something here for everyone. We think Rowan County is the best place to live regardless of what phase of life you are entering!”

Rachel Griffith

Leader, Believer, Encourager, Optimist
Relocated from West Virginia

“You can walk into any locally owned business in Rowan County and I guarantee you will feel the warmth I feel. Anywhere you go, you don’t feel like a customer, you feel like family. This is so crucial to a community. And if your town has this, you have everything.”

Taryn Thompson

Wife, Bonus Mom, Friend, Dog Enthusiast
Relocated from Florida

“Coming from a beach community to living in Rowan County was a bit of a culture shock, but after a while I understood what all the hype was about. There may not be an ocean at my back door, but there are lake beaches, beautiful parks, breweries, wineries, delicious food choices, and a community culture to be envied. That’s not something you can find just anywhere. It’s a mixed bag that works in the most original way.”

Madison Sides White

Believer, Educator, Motivator, Dreamer
Rowan County Native

“I think the authentic commitment to Rowan County is like nowhere else. People may venture away for a short time, but they always tend to come home and give back locally. That is extremely special.”

Michael Brooks

Teacher, Musician, Outdoor Lover
Relocated from West Virginia

“I moved to Rowan County to accept a teaching position with Rowan-Salisbury Schools. Salisbury is a great place to live because there are a lot of things to do here, especially with the arts. I have performed with Piedmont Players and several community choirs. I live in downtown Salisbury and I love the many festivals that are held here including the Cheerwine Festival and Salisbury Pride.”

Mary Walker

Teacher, Activist, Mother, Homemaker
Relocated from England

“I was looking for a challenge and a complete change after retirement. After 25 years living in suburbia in the northeast where my neighborhood had no Main Street or sidewalks, Salisbury seemed like a walkable city. I got lots of encouragement and support from the local community when deciding to open a bed & breakfast.”

Rori Godsey

Mother, Advocate, Motivator, Influencer
Relocated from Maryland

“The variety in what you have access to in Rowan County on a daily basis is like nowhere else. You can go to sporting events at the local colleges, enjoy theater and musical productions at the local community theaters, walk or shop in quaint downtowns, or become involved with the various community centers.”

Carmen Harper

Wife, Development Officer, Team Player, Believer in Higher Education
Relocated from Asheville, NC

“I originally moved to Rowan County for college in 1992. I returned to work here in 2008 and this community is why I am still here, and why I love living in Rowan County!”

Mikey Wetzel

Entrepreneur, Lake Lover, Tech-Enthusiast, Nerd
Relocated from California  

“We moved here for the dream of affordable lakefront living. Combined with the great location and lack of traffic, it’s stress-free living!”

Lonnie Kanetzky

Business Commuter, Analyzer, Assertive, Results-Oriented
Relocated from Corpus Christi, Texas

“I moved here to accept a manufacturing opportunity with Agility Fuel Solutions. I’m in the market to buy a home, and I like how the land taxes and lot/acreage sizes are much better than other states I have lived in. Opportunities with the job market and central location make it an easy commute to surrounding towns.”

Trevor McGregor

Engineer, Innovator, Builder, Motorcycle Enthusiast
Relocated from Rome, New York

“After dealing with the frustration of not being able to purchase a home in Buffalo, NY, my girlfriend and I decided to start looking elsewhere to live–somewhere where the taxes were lower and the weather was warmer. After doing some research and talking with friends, we knew we wanted to move to a place that had both those things, lots of places with things to do, and also somewhere that wasn’t too far away from home. North Carolina was the perfect fit for us.”

Marcus Washington

Husband, Father, Educator, Devout Christian
Relocated from Pennsylvania – Hometown Charlottesville, VA

“Once we visited Rowan County, we were set on living here. Throughout the county there are many close knit communities. People are very friendly and make you feel right at home. There are great restaurants here, I love the history, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.  Rowan County has been great for me and my wife’s careers and my children love it here.”