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Low cost of living | Global business community | Access to Charlotte

Lonnie Kanetzky

Business Commuter, Analyzer, Assertive, Results-Oriented
Relocated from Corpus Christi, Texas

“I moved here to accept a manufacturing opportunity with Agility Fuel Solutions. I’m in the market to buy a home, and I like how the land taxes and lot/acreage sizes are much better than other states I have lived in. Opportunities with the job market and central location make it an easy commute to surrounding towns.”

Trevor McGregor

Engineer, Innovator, Builder, Motorcycle Enthusiast
Relocated from Rome, New York

“After dealing with the frustration of not being able to purchase a home in Buffalo, NY, my girlfriend and I decided to start looking elsewhere to live–somewhere where the taxes were lower and the weather was warmer. After doing some research and talking with friends, we knew we wanted to move to a place that had both those things, lots of places with things to do, and also somewhere that wasn’t too far away from home. North Carolina was the perfect fit for us.”

Marcus Washington

Husband, Father, Educator, Devout Christian
Relocated from Pennsylvania – Hometown Charlottesville, VA

“Once we visited Rowan County, we were set on living here. Throughout the county there are many close knit communities. People are very friendly and make you feel right at home. There are great restaurants here, I love the history, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.  Rowan County has been great for me and my wife’s careers and my children love it here.”

Carmen Harper

Wife, Development Officer, Team Player, Believer in Higher Education
Relocated from Asheville, NC

“I originally moved to Rowan County for college in 1992. I returned to work here in 2008 and this community is why I am still here, and why I love living in Rowan County!”

Mikey Wetzel

Entrepreneur, Lake Lover, Tech-Enthusiast, Nerd
Relocated from California  

“We moved here for the dream of affordable lakefront living. Combined with the great location and lack of traffic, it’s stress-free living!”

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