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In the town of Rockwell, just past East Rowan High School, sitting at the intersecting junctions of highway 52 and 152, you will find a community of citizens that appreciate their historical roots while focusing on the town’s opportunity for growth. With the development of new housing, revitalization of the town’s business district to add new merchants and the planning of community orientated events, the town’s board is honoring their motto “remembering the past while looking towards the future.”

Leadership in Rockwell

Historically, the town maintains a board with long standing members; including Mayor Beauford N. Taylor, who has 19 years in office. The additional alderman each have years of service and expertise in city Government. Their leadership ensures the town is successful in their mission of “presenting the town’s original roots while growing it’s profile”. One of their newest Aldermen, Dillon Brewer is the youngest elected Alderman in the town’s history to serve on the board. He commented that his goal is to bring new ideas and activities to the town that would help with the revitalization efforts.

Revitalization Efforts

When driving through the town on Main Street, you will notice that the revitalization efforts are already underway. As you enter the town, immediately to the right is a Town of Rockwell message sign. It is prominently displayed in front of a newly built Police Department. Continuing down Main Street, you will encounter the Town Hall that has a backdrop of the town’s water tower. This location is centrally located within the town and easily accessible to the public.

Immediately across the street from the Town Hall, there has been a new welcome mural added that highlights the town’s history of being an “original since 1895”.  The success of this bright and engaging art has expanded plans to add at least one additional mural in the near future.

Other additional projects that are occurring is the updating of existing structures like Powell’s Funeral Home, as well as the new construction of housing developments like Sweetwater Village, a coffee shop, and a new ‘ABC’ warehouse store. The planned coffee shop ’Morning Glory’ is currently in operation as a food truck that travels to events to serve the citizens of Rockwell. In the coming months, they will be expanding by building a brick-and-mortar location. Additionally, the ‘ABC’ store that is being built is a result of the business having outgrown their existing location. These new projects are indicators of the town’s economic growth.

Welcome to the Town of Rockwell

Town of Rockwell Police Department

Historical Attractions & Rockwell’s Rich Culture

When you visit the area to see the new development, you can also visit the nearby historical attractions. Most notably, there are two historical churches, Grace (Lower Stone) United Church of Christ and Organ Lutheran Church. Both churches are dated back to the 1700’s and still house their original graveyards on their grounds. In addition, the Old Stone House is located a few miles outside the town in Granite Quarry. It is said to be the oldest German House in North Carolina. To learn more about these historical sites and the town’s history, you can schedule a tour at the Rockwell Museum.

Looking Forward

Not only is the Town of Rockwell expanding their geographical territory, but they are also offering new activities to engage the citizens. Alderman Brewer discussed the extensive effort that is being made to offer opportunities to the citizens of the town. In the upcoming months there are planned events such as cornhole tournaments, the yard of the month campaign that will highlight the beautiful aesthetics of the town’s residential neighborhoods, and there is even a Christmas lights campaign. On November the 8th 2022, there is scheduled to be a family fun festival at Rockwell’s community park. There will be vendors present, activities for all ages, and a concert for all to enjoy. Brewer commented that the festival in the park serves as an opportunity for the community to enjoy themselves as well as highlight the park as an accessible space for events. These efforts are being implemented in response to the community’s request to grow and connect with the citizens of the town.

How to Get Involved

If a citizen is interested in having a more hands on approach with the town’s future growth, they are encouraged to join on one of the town’s boards such as the revitalization committee, historic foundation committee or the planning board. Additionally, the town board of aldermen meets monthly, on the second Tuesday at 6:00pm. These meetings are open to the public and are held at the Town Hall, 202 East Main Street and offer great opportunities for the citizens of Rockwell to stay informed and participate as the town continues to grow.

Rockwell Town Hall

Community Partners

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