Who is the Spencer Fire Department

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Municipalities

To the untrained eye, the Spencer Fire Department is just a small brick building in the center of the Town of Spencer. The membership is probably comprised of dedicated volunteers who respond in their free time. At one point, these statements were very accurate; we were an organization striving to make it to the next day, and the members did their best when they were available to aid their neighbors.

Today, the Spencer Fire Department is drastically different.  It is a responsive and progressive piece of the puzzle that is the Town of Spencer. Our staff is committed to excellence through advanced training and adapting to the changing needs of citizens, all while ensuring continuous professional accountability. Over the past few years, our staff has been able to navigate uncharted ground as an organization in our 120 years of dedicated service, from achieving an ISO Class 2 rating to onboarding our first four full-time employees and transitioning to a career department, with the plan to expand our staffing levels very soon.

To our team, this isn’t simply a profession. They come in daily striving to not only make themselves better but to make all that we encounter better in the process. We believe every encounter with a citizen or patron of the Town is an opportunity for growth and development. We hosted our 1st Annual Justin E. Monroe Fire Camp this past July. This was designed to not only allow children the chance to see what being in the fire service is about but also to expose them to positive role models and to allow them the chance to learn valuable life lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and integrity. Weekly, our team makes time to invest in the children of our community and North Rowan Schools by eating lunch and reading to them. This allows our staff to influence our youth while positively serving as a reminder of the oath we took to serve and protect.

Spencer Firefighters, Government Officials, and teens posing in Spencer Town Hall.
A group of children wearing firefighter costumes, listening to a fireman.
Two Children posing with Sparky the Firedog behind a firetruck with an American Flag on the right side.

We are blessed to be an instrumental piece of arguably the fastest-growing municipality in Rowan County. Our Town Manager and elected officials are very supportive of the vision and goals we have presented to them and value our team and the services that we provide local citizens. Their commitments are evident in the fact that in June of 2024, we are set to take delivery of our new Pierce Fire Engine. This will ensure our team has reliable and up-to-date equipment to serve and mitigate an emergency as it arises. This will be the first engine we have received since 2008. We are also in the design phase of our station addition, allowing us to update our current fire station, which we have quickly outgrown. This addition will provide up to ten employees with adequate workspace and sleeping space. It will include a state-of-the-art carcinogen decontamination space, ensuring we do our best for our staff regarding cancer reduction.

This is just the beginning for our team and our small town; our success and the services we provide will only improve as we experience growth in Spencer and Rowan County. Feel free to drop by on October 14th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for our 2nd Annual Open House. You can meet the members who make Spencer Fire Department what it is, enjoy refreshments, and learn valuable fire safety information.

A fire Truck and a Red Truck for the Fire Department.
A group of children standing beside a fire truck wearing Fireman helmets.
A group of small children standing in a classroom. Posing with their teacher and two firefighters.

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